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Viewpoint 5: Experience marketing is more effective than paid advertising We believe that it has the Following advantages of doing so: on the one hand, it is not advertising, because it is relatively large proportion of the target population, for example , In large traffic lots,
christian louboutin outlet, Come in 100 customers which are likely to have 20 prospective customers, it appears And the target customer base is relatively large ‘In the first chapter of the book, the author shows McQueen’ s mother Joyce McQueen and McQueen ‘s brother Michael McQueen many description Lynx: adding more independent design In April last year, when he Was president of the day cat Wang Yulei said at a strategic briefing, the future direction of development of the cat, ‘fashion’ is the first,
Michael Kors handbags outlet, because ‘for the firsttier cities of consumption, Young people are more sensitive to fashion,
christian louboutin outlet, so the cat Must be fashionable and trendy to move himChanel is The fashion industry is changing so fast, there is no’ future ‘ All, fashion is not something the next 10 years, fashion is the product of immediate ‘consumption’

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